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In the heart of Transylvania, Cluj-Napoca awaits its visitors, with its silent walls full of history and hospitable people. You’ll see here the famous Transylvanian calm and reflexive mind, seriousness and pride. Come and explore all the ancient and modern beauties and opportunities!

Renowned in the past for its richness and also known as “The Treasure City”, Cluj offers nowadays a wide range of possibilities for personal and company development, owing to its geographical position, local resources and, not least, to the skills, education and seriousness of its inhabitants.

How to reach Cluj-Napoca, your hotel and the university (USAMV) campus

All delegates are responsible for their own travelling arrangements to/ from Cluj-Napoca. 

From the Cluj Avram Iancu international airport 

The airport is situated about 5 km east of Cluj and is connected to the city by road; it takes approximately 15 minutes by car between the center and the airport.
After arriving at Cluj airport, you can get to your hotel by taxi or you can take buses to the center of the city: bus no. 8 and trolleybus 5 up to the Regionala CFR station; then take trolleybus 6 or 7, or bus 24 up to the Agronomia station.

From the railway station 

To get to the USAMV campus, take bus no. 9 up to the Agronomia station.
For additional information, see the website of the RATUC company.

Local transport ticket: 4 lei (80 Eurocents); Fares

Airport Information

Cluj “Avram Iancu “International Airport

Traian Vuia, Nr. 149 
400397 Cluj-Napoca 
tel: +40264-416.702 

The location of your hotel and USAMV campus is seen in the city map. A digital map of Cluj and other informations are available here

Details about touristic attractions in  Cluj-Napoca:

Virtual tour of Cluj-Napoca:

Entrance visa

Participants to the symposium must have a valid passport. EU members do not require a visa. Participant from other countries should check with the Romanian embassies or consulates in their respective countries. If a visa is required to enter Romania, it is better to obtain it prior to your visit. Visas may be also obtained at the point of customs on arrival, but it may cost more and formalities may take some time.

If you need an official invitation, please send an email to:  [email protected].

Official language

The official language of the conference is English. No translation into other languages will be provided.

Other information

Local time

Romania is on East European time zone, namely local time is 2 hours ahead of GMT and 1 hour ahead of most European countries.

Money and Banking

Local currency: The Romanian currency is LEU, plural LEI, all payments are made in the local currency. In order to get acquainted with our currency, please visit the National Bank site at
1 Euro = 4.5 lei
Bank cards: All major credit cards are accepted. ATMs are readily available in the town.
Changing money: You may exchange cash (preferably euros, English pounds, or US dollars) in all the banks (open 9.00 – 17.00) or Exchange offices (some of them open 24h). Please note that in most small shops and at the local market, only cash payments are accepted.

Telephone system

The international code for Romania is 40; in order to make an international call from Romania you must dial 00 followed by country code and number. Romania is well covered by mobile phone operators (the main ones are Orange and Vodafone) and if you come from Europe you will be able to use your mobile phone.
Electricity: 220 V, 50Hz.


Cluj has a continental climate, with hot summers and cold winters, not windy and average humidity.  Weather in September is generally pleasant and sunny. Temperatures range between 15 -20° C in the day and 10 -15° in the night. However, an umbrella can be useful.

Additional information about Romania,
Additional information about Cluj,

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